Copywriting & PR

Words, words, words

Our copywriter has extensive experience in both marketing and PR, and journalism, and can work with you on any word-based project. As well as writing the web copy and the copy for all the marketing materials for Shout Aloud, she:

  • produces highly publishable press releases for the local and specialist press in the format and style they want
  • can identify opportunities for articles showcasing specific successes and secure publication
  • will devise a mailing list and send out your press releases to named journalists
  • has an enviable track record of putting together successful applications for awards and grants in consultation with you, the client
  • can write copy for your advertising
  • can produce advertorial (free space often offered when you place an ad) for your chosen newspaper

For more information about our copywriting and PR services, contact Sue Churchill on 01626 852030 or email